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4th Feb 2020

Top Tips for Perfect Yoghurt

Posted by ANCP

Homemade yoghurt is not only fresher and more delicious than the kinds you can buy at the store, it can also be more nutritious. By making your own yoghurt at home, you know that it is packed full of all the nutrients and live cultures that make it so beneficial for your body.

If you’re considering purchasing one of our Easiyo yoghurt makers, check out our top tips to make sure that your yoghurt comes out perfect every time!

Mix with room temperature water

Before mixing in water with your yoghurt mix, make sure that you let the water stand long enough to reach room temperature. Adding water that is too warm or too cold can cause your mix to not set properly.

Ensure you've added the right amount of boiling water

Another problem that can cause your yoghurt to turn out runny is adding too much boiling water. So, when adding boiling water to the Easiyo yoghurt maker, ensure you only fill it to the line.

Want thicker yoghurt?

If you like your yoghurt extra thick, you can add part of another sachet when mixing. Do not try to thicken your yoghurt by adding less water however, as this can cause the mix to become too hot, which will kill the live cultures.

Ways to sweeten your yoghurt

When making your yoghurt, you may sweeten things up by adding sugar or other sweetener of your choice - such as stevia-  to the mix. Simply mix the desired amount in with the powder and water. Other options such as honey and fruit should not be added until it is served.

Give it extra time to set

Easiyo yoghurt typically sets in six to eight hours. If it is still runny after this time, consider leaving it to sit for up to 12 hours. Want to learn more about making yoghurt with the Easiyo system? Visit our Easiyo FAQs page.

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