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Manufactured in Australia


Australian Manufactured Vitamins & Supplements


Manufactured in Australia

We’re one of very few supplement companies that still manufacture 100% of our vitamins, supplements and superfoods here in Australia. We choose to do this because we believe it’s important to support our manufacturing industry and the many jobs it provides. Even more importantly, we manufacture in Australia because it provides our customers with products of the highest quality.

Highest Manufacturing Standards

Our vitamins and supplements are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities which abide by the strict standards of the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensuring a consistent standard of excellence and quality across all of our products.

Quality Control

All Australian NaturalCare vitamins and supplements undergo thorough testing before leaving our manufacturing facilities. For example, our rigorous stability testing ensures that each active ingredient in a formula maintains its therapeutic level throughout the product’s shelf life.


Over thirty years of research and customer feedback has given us a unique approach to developing our products. We focus on nutritionally potent amounts of key ingredients, so you get a therapeutically beneficial daily dose of the ingredients you need, without wasting money on the ones you don’t.

Our Key Partners

Lipa Pharmaceuticals

Lipa Pharmaceuticals is Australia's leading contract manufacturer of complementary healthcare medicines, including herbal medicines, vitamins and nutritional supplements. It was first established as a family business in 1995 and is now a world class facility, utilising the highest standards of equipment and technology.

Lipa Pharmaceuticals maintains a strict quality assurance process, which conforms to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice, to ensure all products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Complementary Medicines Group

Complementary Medicines Group (CMG) is a manufacturer and service provider to the complementary medicine, food and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals industries. CMG is a family owned company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. CMG prides itself on its product innovation, quality assurance, and upholding the tough Australian standards of quality manufacturing which are amongst the strictest in the world.