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CoQ10 300MG Ubiquinol 30 caps

Ubiquinol is a bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10 which is used by the body more efficiently than other forms. As an important antioxidant, Ubiquinol helps to reduce free radical damage to body cells and support cellular energy production.

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  • Description

    Ubiquinol is the reduced (active) form of CoQ10 with higher bioavailability, this means it is more easily absorbed in the body, in comparison to other forms of coenzyme Q10. Did you know…that this nutrient is a naturally occurring chemical that exists in almost every cell of the human body? Its antioxidant function has many benefits which include; supporting heart health, energy production, physical endurance, cognitive function, sperm health and vitality!

    Why Choose Ubiquinol

    • 3 times more absorbable than conventional Coenzyme Q10.
    • Ubiquinol helps to protect the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.
    • Ubiquinol superior absorption ability when compared to CoQ10 means you can take a lower dose for the same effect.

    Key Features

    ✓ Supports sperm health and production
    ✓ Antioxidant that helps reduce free radical damage to body cells
    ✓ Supports healthy cardiovascular system function and heart health
    ✓ Maintains and supports energy levels and production


    Each soft capsule contains:

    Ubiquinol-10 (Coenzyme Q10)......................................................300 mg

    Contains soya bean products, beeswax, sulfites, phenylalanine and corn.

    This product is gluten free & lactose free.


    Take one capsule daily with meals, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

  • Information

    Can Assist With:
    Reduce free radical damage, support cardiovascular health, maintain energy levels, support mental function, maintain sperm production and supports general health and wellbeing.
    Take one capsule daily with meals, or as advised by your healthcare professional.
    Naturopathic Comment:
    Fun Fact, did you know that as we age our ubiquinol concentration decreases year by year and can be easily depleted by stress and physical activity! This is why supplementation can be of benefit to bridging that nutritional gap.
    Country of Manufacture:
    Pack Size:
    30 soft capsules
  • Product Info Sheet


    CoQ10 300MG Ubiquinol 30 caps

  • Warnings

    Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

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