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Magnesium Chelate 1000mg 90 tabs

Magnesium helps relieve muscle cramps and mild muscle spasms. It supports muscle health, maintains muscle function and supports muscle relaxation. Magnesium maintains heart health and supports healthy cardiovascular system function.

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  • Description

    Are you doing everything you can do to promote the healthy function of your bones and muscles?

    As the structural support components of our body, maintaining the health of our bones and muscles is essential. From participating in daily exercise, eating a nutritious diet, and taking bone and muscle health supplements, there are a wide variety of options available for people looking to support their musculoskeletal system.

    ANC Magnesium Chelate 1000mg

    As Australia’s leading supplier of superfoods, supplements, and vitamins online, ANC is proud to have over 30 years of industry experience and expertise. Always focussed on providing our customers with the best possible customer service experience, our team is committed to helping you get connected to the best products for your needs.

    Magnesium is a macromineral that is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body. Involved in the process of muscle relaxation, magnesium also supports healthy bone density. While many people get their dietary requirements of magnesium from their food, it is common for people to take magnesium chelate supplements to support healthy bone and muscle function.

    Some of the benefits of magnesium chelate supplements include:

    • Aids in healthy bone development, growth and building 
    • Maintains bone strength and bone mineralisation 
    • Helps decrease muscle cramps and relieve mild spasms and twitches 
    • Supports healthy muscle contraction function 
    • Supports healthy neuromuscular system function 
    • Assists in protein synthesis 
    • Relieves headache and mild migraine symptoms 
    • Maintain and supports energy production 
    • Supports healthy cardiovascular system function 

    Please consult with your health professional prior to starting this supplement if you take any prescription medications or have any pre-existing medical conditions.


    Each film coated tablet contains:

    Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate...............................................1000 mg
    Equivalent: Magnesium...........................................................200 mg

    Contains Soya bean products, sulfites, phenylalanine.

    This product is vegan, lactose free and gluten free.


    Take 1 tablet one to three times daily with meals, or as advised by your healthcare professional.


    What is magnesium chelate and its benefits?

    Magnesium chelate is a form of magnesium that is bound to amino acids. We have a highly absorbable dietary supplement at Australian NaturalCare, formulated to maximise the benefits of magnesium. These include stronger muscle and bone health and higher energy levels. Magnesium tablets can also help promote sleep quality, reduce headaches and may support mild anxiety.

    What is the difference between magnesium glycinate and magnesium chelate?

    Magnesium glycinate and magnesium chelate differ mainly in the amino acid to which magnesium is bound. Magnesium chelate refers broadly to magnesium bound to various amino acids, enhancing absorption and bioavailability. Magnesium glycinate, a type of magnesium chelate, specifically binds magnesium to glycine, known for its high bioavailability and minimal gastrointestinal side effects.

    Is magnesium chelate good for sleep?

    Magnesium can be beneficial for sleep because it plays a crucial role in muscle relaxation and nervous system regulation, which are vital for achieving quality sleep. By reducing muscle cramps and calming the body, magnesium chelate helps create a conducive environment for sleep.

    About ANC

    At ANC, we are incredibly proud to be a member of local Australian communities for over 30 years. 

    If you want to know more about our products or need additional support with your order, we are here to help. Please feel free to fill out our contact us form on our website or call 1300 365 020 for additional assistance.

  • Information

    Can Assist With:
    Supports muscle health and function, maintains bone strength and mineralisation, supports cardiovascular system and heart health, general health and wellbeing.
    Take one tablet one to three times daily with meals, or as advised by your healthcare professional
    Naturopathic Comment:
    Magnesium comes from the name of the ancient Greek city Magnesia, where large deposits of magnesium were found.
    Country of Manufacture:
    Pack Size:
    90 film coated tablets
    Soya bean products, sulfites, phenylalanine
  • Product Info Sheet


    Magnesium Chelate 1000mg 90 tabs

  • Warnings

    Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Phenylketonurics - this product contains phenylalanine.

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