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Boost your Libido: spice up your life with Ginger!

Want to give your sexy time a bit of Za-Za-Zing? Then look no further than the sensual spice, Ginger!

Ginger has been used traditionally for centuries to increase sex drive and boost sexual performance. It was written about by Pedanius Dioscorides in De Materia Medica approximately two thousand years ago of the stimulating effect ginger had on the male reproductive organ.

The Portugese even used to give Ginger to their slaves, which they noted increased the slaves sexual activity and in turn, population. Ginger is known to be a warming herb, used to increase circulation to the peripheries of the body such as the hands and feet. You know what else is near the peripheries…! Wink wink, it can increase circulation to both the male and female reproductive organs, which can stimulate arousal and sensation when having intercourse.

It is best taken directly before sex to feel these effects most strongly. Even the smell of ginger itself can be stimulating and arousing, and is utilised in many sensual body care products for this very reason. Some recent studies have also found that Ginger may help to increase testosterone levels, which can in turn help to boost your libido and sex drive. Further, these studies found an improvement in sperm count and viability with the treatment of dietary ginger.

So it’s really no wonder that Ginger can be found in the Kama Sutra listed as one of the best aphrodisiac herbs to bring success in love! So how about it? Ginger tea for two?