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24th Nov 2023

Understanding Antibiotics, Gut Health, and Probiotics

The Marvelous MicrobiomeOur digestive system (gut) is the home to trillions of microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and are known as our gut microbio...

29th Aug 2023

Benefits of Shelf-Stable Probiotics and A Deep Dive into Specific Strains!

Shelf-stable probiotics offer the advantage of being more portable than the ones that need to be refrigerated. This means it’s easier to keep it som...

15th Aug 2023

Best Foods for Gut Health

Gut health can be influenced by several factors, including diet and lifestyle, as well as intake of alcohol, smoking and the amount of antibiotics c...

19th Jul 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Probiotics

Probiotics have been gathering significant attention in the world of health and wellness. They are crucial for our overall health, particularly the di...

5th Feb 2020

Healthy Probiotics

Naturopaths have long believed that health starts in the digestive system, so much so that 70 percent of your immune system is located in the digestiv...

4th Feb 2020

Take Charge of Your Gut & Immune Health with Probiotic 32 Billion

Our digestive system was once considered a relatively simple and straightforward body system, essentially comprised of one long tube for food to pass...

30th Jan 2020

Top Foods Containing Probiotics

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in your digestive tract. A healthy level of these ‘good’ bacteria can improve digestion and may assist t...