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7th Dec 2023

​4 Tips for Supporting Prostate Health

What is the prostate?The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut that sits around the urethra (the tube that passes urine and semen out of t...

5th Sep 2023

Ingredient Spotlight - Testofen®

We’ve all heard of Fenugreek, otherwise known as Trigonella foenum-graecum, which is the botanical name for this plant. Its seeds (legumes) and leav...

4th Jun 2020

Testosterone and Beyond – The Hormones Required for Men’s Health

It’s no big secret that male and female physiologies differ greatly. Physical appearance, skeletal structure, reproductive systems and even brain s...

11th Feb 2020

Supplements for Men to Improve Stamina, Libido and Vitality

As we get older, we tend to notice a downward trend in relation to our energy, vitality, stamina, and maybe even our sex lives. Stress, poor sleep qua...

11th Feb 2020

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto: your prostate's best friend.Prostate conditions effect an ever-growing proportion of men. Saw palmetto which has been described as the “...

6th Feb 2020

Men's Health Week 2016

Men face a different array of health issues when compared with women. Men’s Health week is an opportunity to acknowledge the challenges that men may f...

6th Feb 2020

Meal ideas for your dad this Father's Day

We all love our dads and want to keep them happy and healthy. We’ve got some meal ideas to keep him full, satisfied, well and strong. Relish your...