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ANC Rainbow Pill Box

Organizing your pills has never been easier! Order yours now or get it for free when spend over $110!

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SKU: G342


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Australian Made

Naturopathic Advice

Practitioner Crafted


  • Description

    Organize Your Vitamin Pills in Style!

    Revitalise you routine with this stylish pill organiser! With its vivid colors and practical design, this pill box brings a cheerful touch to your daily routine while keeping your pills organized and easily accessible.


    1. Colorful Compartments: Our pill box features seven compartments for each day of the week, and can easily be organized into morning, noon and evening dosages!

    2. Compact and Portable: Designed with convenience in mind, our pill box is compact enough to slip into your purse, pocket, or travel bag. Whether you're at home, work, or on the go, you can effortlessly carry your vitamins with you wherever you roam.

    3. Secure Snap Closure: Worried about spills or mishaps? Rest assured, our Rainbow Pill Box features a secure snap closure mechanism. Your pills stay safely tucked away until you're ready to take them.

    4. Easy-to-Use Design: Each compartment is spacious enough to hold multiple pills of various sizes. The transparent lids allow you to easily identify your medication without the hassle of opening each compartment.

    Make your routine brighter with the Rainbow Pill Box, limited stock only!

    Order yours now or get it for free when spend over $110!

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