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Nude Mints Ice Shot Peppermint Flavour 5 Pack

Nude Mints are the first functional two-in-one breath mints, with an outer capsule that dissolves in seconds and an inner capsule to take action in the gut within hours.

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Australian Made

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  • Description

    Meet Nude Mints: the world's first 2-in-1 breath and gut freshener!

    Small but MIGHTY. INSTANT fresh breath in just 3 Seconds. Freshen your gut and stomach concurrently to eliminate bad breath for up to 3 hours. Whether you have mask breath, dry mouth, or halitosis, the NUDE MINTS bad breath pill is effective anytime all the time.

    Keto Friendly & Zero Carbs – Our mints are keto friendly and have zero carbs. It’s perfect for anyone on the keto diet or living a low carb lifestyle. Speak with Confidence with our mouth watering mints.

    Gluten & Sugar FREE – Gluten Free and contains no sugar, carbs or calories. This gut freshener mint is a perfect breath helper to anyone all the time, Put bad breath and mask breath worries behind you!

    Cool Tiny Container – Each recyclable NUDE container holds 30 mints that fight bad breath, and is small and stylish so you can get rid of bad breath anywhere and pop a mint into your mouth anytime. these specially-formulated Nude mints can keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean longer between brushes, knocking out bad bacteria that cause odours along the way.

    Manufactured in Japan

    ✅ Peppermint Flavour 

    What's the Science Behind It?

    NUDE uses a propriety capsule-in-capsule technology which allows for two different activation events. This technology is patented and developed in partnership with Japan’s oldest pharmaceutical company.

    The NUDE MINT has two capsules. The outer capsule dissolves in the mouth in 3 seconds, and releases the mint extract to cleanse the mouth and tongue.  The inner capsule is then swallowed, releasing the inner mint extract in the gut, freshening the gut.

    This delivery mechanism allows for instant fresh breath in the mouth. Because the inner capsule is able to travel to the gut and only activates when it reaches the gut, it works directly to cleanse the gut which is the root of 'return ordor', hence this 5mm mint capsule can provide instant fresh breath that lasts up to 3 hours.

    How To Use

    1. Make sure the bottom slider is facing down

    2. Shake until 1 mint drops within chamber

    3. Push slider to the right to release mint

    4. Dissolve outer capsule in mouth: for instant fresh breath

    5. Swallow inner capsule: for a refreshing gut


    Vegetable Oil, Natural & Artificial Menthol Flavour, Artificial Peppermint Flavour & Coloring, Natural Gelatin, Artificial Vanilla Flavour, Sweeteners (420, 951, 955), Soy Lecithin, Glycerin, Artificial Cooling Flavour.

    Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenlalanine.

    Contains Soy.

  • Information

    Pack Size:
    30 Nano Capsules*5
    Country of Manufacture:
  • Warnings

    This product contains soy.

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