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EasiYo New Shape Jar 1kg

A spare jar for your delicious, fresh homemade yogurt.

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Australian Made

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Practitioner Crafted


  • Description

    One in the dishwasher, one in the maker, one in the fridge... With extra 1kg jars on hand you’ll never run out of your favourite yogurt. Start your next batch while another’s being finished, or keep a range of flavours in the fridge to suit the whole family’s tastes.

    1kg EasiYo jars are sold individually.

    • Nesting lids for easy stacking and storage
    • Lid with grips for easy twist on and off
    • Made from BPA free plastic
    • 1kg jars can be used in any EasiYo 1kg Yogurt Maker

    Includes a Temperature Strip Sticker

    Feel good about perfect yogurt every time with a temperature strip to help you ensure you have the right water temperature.

    The temperature of your tap water can vary throughout the year with the seasons and this can have an effect on how your yogurt turns out.  A temperature indicator sticker will show you when the water is the right temperature to help you make perfectly set yogurt.

    To use, simply peel off the back of the sticker to expose the sticky side. Stick this onto the outside of your EasiYo Yogurt Jar below half way. This will ensure you can check the temperature from your first fill of water.

    For perfect yogurt, ensure the water you mix your yogurt sachet with is 15-20°C.

  • Information

    Country of Manufacture:
    1 x 1kg container
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