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Rhodiola Rosea and Reducing Burn Out

Rhodiola rosea extract benefits patients suffering from burnout.

Stress, exhaustion and burnout are very hot topics, affecting many people of all ages. Naturopaths and scientists alike are always looking for ways to support clients and individuals and beat the burnout. A recent 2017 German study has been looking at the herb Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) and its benefit on supporting and reducing the symptoms associated with a burnout.

The 2017 multicentre, open-label study observed the use of Rhodiola rosea extract on 118 patients (68 women and 49 men) and its benefit of on reducing the symptoms of burnout. During the study, participants reported symptoms of burnout to be diverse, not only compromising mental health such as fatigue, anxiety, cynicism, impaired sexual life, lack of concentration, or a general negative attitude toward work. Burn out also presented with physical symptoms such as headaches, hypertonia, or irritable stomach - symptoms that many people can relate too.

For this study, participants were given one 200mg Rhodiola extract tablet, twice a day. One tablet before breakfast and one tablet before lunch with a glass on water for the period of 12 weeks.

The study demonstrated promising results! The majority of participants saw an improvement in overall symptoms throughout the study. However it was demonstrated that the symptoms associated with burnout started to improve after the first week of taking the 400mg of Rhodiola extract and continued to improve over the course of the study.

From the graphed results we are able to see the symptoms experienced and the overall changes with the supplementation of Rhodiola. There was an overall improvement across the board.

Participants also demonstrated a trend in the reduction of ‘work days lost’, this may be due to the increase in energy levels, or perhaps the decrease in burnout symptoms.   

Closer look at Rhodiola: 

Rhodiola rosea’s is known for its adaptogenic response on the body. Its adaptogenic properties mean that it can assist and support how we respond and adapt to physical, environmental, emotional, biological stressors. Adaptogens are often referred to as a whole body tonic.  

This is exciting news for Rhodiola and with more studies on the horizon it is great to see this amazing herb getting some attention.



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